Racist Chinese Evicting Africans From Homes In Guangzhou

Many of us are aware that China’s racist regime has been busy running a propaganda campaign blaming the United States Army for the COVID-19 virus but they’re also busy running Africans out of their homes in the south of China.

The evictions appear to have legal backing as they’ve occurred in hotels and there have been reports of passports being seized. Video emerged of Kenyans sleeping on the sidewalk and streams of Nigerians walking the streets with their luggage in the rain. The motivation for the latest round of racism from the middle kingdom (China) came after a number of African immigrants had tested positive to COVID-19.



If this kind of event occurred in any western nation, political heads would roll and the story would be front page news until all the Africans were re-housed. But it’s not Australia, not the UK and not the USA. It’s China and this kind of racism and discrimination is par for the course. The Chinese Communist Party has even demanded that all African nationals get a medical report stating they’re free of COVID-19. 

Communist China Infantry – brainwashed from birth that the west caused a century of humiliation in the ‘Middle Kingdom’.

However, President of the Association Of Nigerians in Lesotho, Folaji Emmanuel somewhat defended the actions of Nigeria’s biggest oil importer. He visits China occasionally and he stated:

“One thing I noticed is that many Nigerians residing in China, except for those that are there for business, are illegal immigrants so they can’t get medical assistance since they are scared of being deported.”

For this reason many of the Nigerians who are illegally residing in China are now homeless. Nonetheless, these types of scenes would be used to end the career of any politician seen to support it here in Australia. Racism is a two way street and you the reader need to recognise the shameless and often ignorant racism of our immigrant community who have not only a habit of racial discrimination against whites, but a historically motivated racism against many other immigrants.

Please watch the video below where more reports of racism in China are provided, even including a McDonald’s restaurant that denied entry to “black people.” However, the racism is not reserved for blacks only as many business owners have posted signs on shop windows warning, “Due to the impact of foreign epidemic, foreign friends are prohibited from entering the supermarket.”

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