Apple Posts #FuckThePolice On Their Own Music App

Multinational tech behemoth Apple has created a pop music playlist promoting assassination of law enforcement officers. In a sick sign of how complete the infiltration of the west is right now in 2020, Apple has made this vile move and had no criticism from the #MainstreamMedia.

The dirty globalist outfit that has most of its production done in cheap Chinese factories with onsite dormitories is getting quite adept at bashing America. At a time when stability and calm heads are needed, Apple is busy stoking the fires with music that encourages Americans to assault the police. But Apple was not the only #BigTech company signalling its virtue. Spotify – a music downloading app – added 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence to selected playlists in memory of George Floyd (remember that guy who was killed by a police officer). Of course, not to be outdone by their Big Tech brethren, Amazon Music (whatever they do) took to @twitter to screech that they will be pausing all social media for the day.

Wow. That will fix our problems.

Big Tech is renowned for virtue signalling but this was next level. It’s more conformation of what we have been saying about big tech and the ultra left paedophilic #MainstreamMedia. They will not be happy until they’ve turned the west into a socialist hellhole.

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