On This Day: Snow In Sydney Town.

On this day (28th June) in 1836, Sydney town experienced the only snowfall event in its recorded history. Hyde Park close to the centre of Sydney’s current CBD was covered in almost an inch of snow while modern-day tourist hotspot Bondi also felt the bite of, “a razor keen wind from the west . . .” according to reports from the Sydney Herald.

The story of the rare weather event was recorded in both the Sydney Herald and Sydney Monitor according to an ABC News website report.

From the Sydney Herald we traced this content at the Trove newspaper archive website:

A STRANGER. For the first time in the memory of the oldest inhabitants, snow fell in Sydney on the morning of Tuesday last. About seven o’clock in the morning a drifting fall covered the streets, nearly an inch in depth; and it really was amusing to witness how the “natives” stared at so unexpected a visitant. A razor keen wind blew from the west pretty strongly at the time; and altogether it was the most English-like winter morning – always “barring” the fog ever experienced in this part of the colony. Heavy rain succeeded; but in the course of the day, the thermometer sank very low, and at night the air almost denoted a “biting frost.”Some of the “old hands” express a hope that their old acquaintances, Messrs. Frost and Snow do not intend emigrating to New South Wales. 

Despite howls and threats from members of the climate apocalypse regime for us to change our first world ways, lest we face environmental collapse, bizarre weather events have occurred before the 21st or even 20th century. Over the 2019/20 summer we heard that the bushfires were the worst ever and that they would only get worse. Soon after some people did some research and found that vast stretches of Australian bushland had been simultaneous alight in the past as well. The left were so triggered that when contrarians who opposed the notion of climate change being evident in every weather event, they had their friends in Big Tech (Twitter) shut down the popular trend #ArsonEmergency.

You’ve been warned realists. If it snows in Sydney, there is no excuse for you to buy the lies of the mainstream media and their new world order masters. It’s happened before, it’s not the end of the world.

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