Alexander Emerick Jones of the InfoWars News site in Texas predicted that post election day 3rd November, 2020 the Democrats would seek to stall a final decision on the U.S. election winner due to mail-in voter ballots having not been counted. From there they would use their allies in the #MainstreamMedia to stoke up civil unrest with fake news stories likely to revolve around ballots not being counted or right-wing death squads intimidating election officials.

For weeks the censored ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ warned that America’s Democrats had it planned that they would delay any decision on the 2020 Election through various means until 20th January 2021. His prediction was almost spot on.

We all know now that President Trump was on target for a victory on the night of the election after winning the two bellwether states of Florida and Ohio. I watched live as ‘In-Play’ betting odds on the election trimmed in for a Trump victory. His odds were slashed to $1.30. An hour or two later, Trump was behind in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

What followed election night was the most audacious attempt at subverting the American Republic via means of voter fraud. From thousands of dead voters, bogus vote tabulation machines with settings to allow for signature anomalies and election observers being denied their right to observe, the election was an embarrassment to the American people. The radical left is relying on the judiciary not having the intestinal fortitude to make a nation stopping decision which will trigger riots from BLM/Antifa stooges and the utter condemnation of the #MAINSTREAMMEDIA.

Yes, Jones was right about the 79 Days of Hell but it is the way that the left has created it where he was wrong.

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