Today I was in the unfortunate circumstance of being at my day job, hence while patriots entered the walls of America’s parliament (capital building), I had to endure the lies of Australia’s publicly funded broadcaster the ABC. With no access to alternative – truth telling – media I listened as the morning host told Australians that rioters had stormed the White House and a woman had been shot.

The truth eventually came out when I arrived home and accessed the internet. The female that was shot and killed was a patriot involved in the ‘Stop The Steal’ protest. Ashley Babbit a 14 year Air Force veteran was shot – presumably through a door – as she stood on the other side of the glass panel with her American flag tied around her neck.

Graphic Footage of Ashley Babbit murder by police can be found at this link.

Maybe Australia’s publicly funded broadcaster can be forgiven for misleading the Australian people. Maybe they didn’t have all the details that I had two hours later. But judging by their next guest the misleading by omission is intentional. A so called political pundit from the U.S. told spurious lies about the Charlottesville incident early in the Trump presidency. He claimed that Nazis were present and that Trump was of poor character for saying (after the death of a leftist protestor who was part of a throng who surrounded a vehicle) there were good people on both sides.

But there was no questioning the use of force by the police here. This was in total contrast to what was reported throughout the months and months of looting and racial violence perpetrated by members of BLM and their puppet masters Antifa. And Joe Biden, why was the puppet of the Chinese Communist Party so quick to condone condemn the DC protestors? Watch below.

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