Northern Territory Leader Michael Gunner Channels Chairman Mao

Northern Territory’s Chief Minister (equivalent to State Premier) Michael Gunner went full despot. Footage from the ABC captured Gunner emptying all rounds and sparing no decorum and declaring war on anyone who even utters words in support of vaccine choices.

The wild eyed political unknown who has ruled over the Northern Territory since 2016 represents the loving left Australian Labor Party. As is par for the course with left wing politicians throughout the western world, Gunner couched his threats of callous and cruel forced ‘vaccine’ injections on remote aboriginal populations with claims of protecting that community. Think of American politicians supporting shorter sentences for violent criminals of colour who are then release into the same coloured community they have just terrorised. This is the left.

In case you have missed the video of Gunner blowing a gasket when a journalist dared to ask the Labor Party despot about his labelling of NT citizens as anti-vaxxers just for supporting choice he howled, “If you are anti-mandate, than you are absolutely anti-vax. I don’t care what your personal vaccination status is.” Gunner maintained his glaring posture at the journalist and continued point and gesturing psychotically, “If you campaign against people being vaccinated in vulnerable settings, teachers in classrooms . . . you are absolutely anti-vax . . . Our vaccine mandate is absolutely crucial to protecting lives particularly aboriginals life.”

The press conference appears to end as Gunner froths at the mouth knowing he’s shut down any debate on vaccine mandates. The interview with the Northern Territory ‘leader’ came on the back of Australian Army troops being used to lock down and force approximately 29 vaccinations in the Binjari aboriginal community. They also forcibly removed a further 38 that were ‘close contacts’.

These actions are inexcusable and they’re a sickening insult on the reputation of my country. THIS MUST END!

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