The last Federal Election saw a huge swing against the Australian Labor Party in the Hunter Electorate. Located 1.5 hours north of Sydney (by car), the Hunter Electorate takes in swathes of coal mining territory to the north west including Muswellbrook. The Hunter Electorate has always been won by the Australian Labor Party. You could say that up until the last Federal Election Labor owned the Hunter region.

The dominance of Labor in the region dates back to the party’s early days of existence when they truly represented the working man. Labor still pretends to represent the hard working labourers that are typically found in the mining industry or on building construction sites. They do this with the aid of worker’s union money.

Unfortunately for the unions and for Australian Labor the evidence is there that they don’t give a damn about the working man. Labor Party policies claim that there is no future for mining jobs in Australia. The Labor Party has pledged to reduce emissions by 43% by the year 2030 and somehow to source 82% of all electricity in Australia from renewables. If you take a look at the live source of electricity supply website, currently 13/5/22 coal provides more than 65% of electricity in NSW. You can see from that, that Labor will need to cut a lot of coal production to get that number down to the 18% in accordance with their goal of 82% renewables.

If you have a brain, you can see that mining jobs in the Hunter are doomed if the Australian Labor Party is elected to government. You have one chance to say no to the Labor/Green Climate Change Scam. Vote Them Out of the Hunter region for good on 21st May, 2022 at the Federal Election.

We have provided a sample House of Representatives voting ballot for Hunter Electorate citizens that includes our recommendations for how to number/rank the local candidates. There are nine candidates running for the Hunter Electorate MP role, we have put those that want to end coal mining at the very bottom. At 9 we have put Victoria Davies of Animal Justice party, at 8 we have Janet Murray of the Greens, while at 7 we have Labor’s stooge Dan Repacholi. We’re recommending that you Vote 1 for local miner Stuart Bonds who collected 21.5% of first preference votes in the 2019 Federal Election. At the time he was representing the One Nation Party, however, in 2022 Stuart stands as an independent.

Hunter Electorate - Voting Recommendations for House of Representatives
Take a screenshot or print this out.

For the Senate we’ve provided a sample for you as well. We recommend that you only vote above the line where you have to number a minimum of 6 boxes. We’ve numbered seven for you. At number one we have One Nation who have publicly supported the coal mining industry, at two is Liberal Democrats (not to be confused with Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party of Australia) and all the way down a seven is Shooters, Fishers & Farmers. We have not numbered any of the major parties for the Senate as voters only have to number 6 boxes and there are numerous parties that are better choices than Labor, Liberal, Greens or Nationals.

How to vote Senate (NSW) ballot recommendations for the Australian Federal Election.
Screenshot this or print it, and take it with you to the polling/voting booth.

Please take heed of this advice. Yours and your children’s future depends upon it.


  1. One of you posted on reddit Newcastle just now.
    If you don’t have anything meaningful to add to reddit Newcastle like loud bangs, or King Street Maccas, or where to buy the best kebab then you really don’t know your audience.

    And if you honestly think the average Novocastrian (schooled off the financial crumbs of Sydney, and subjected to their mum popping Bex like tic tacs, and their dad grabbing an early morning beer at 7am at the Royal Oak) understands the complexities of voting preferences you can retreat back to your sheltered little keyboard at your Mum’s house. Remember not to wipe your dorito soiled fingers on your sister/pomeranian /cavoodle/shihtzu or whatever that hairball in the corner of your dungeon is.

    Dan has an impressive beard and that is all that Newcastle needs.


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